Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Azumi's Lem stool from La Palma

Still kicking in Munich airport 

Autounion Type C by CMC

One of the best Autounion Type C I have ever seen.  Also CMC's 1:19 scale model now becomes 2nd runner up compare to this.  1:12 at 2800 Euro, its better be good.  Priced 10x of 1:12.  At Audi museum in Ingolstadt, Germany 

Audi factory and museum tour

Factory tour, of course could not take any photo but they were clean and organized.  I did not know Audi made motorcycle.  Ingolstadt, Germany.

Frederics Munich schwabin

no wave no life

1967 Longhood Porsche BP graphic

They had it

gold bumper on purple Ford Mustang

Apple Airpod Black

Want.  At $290 which is $131 higher than the MSRP, ummmm.
They kept inside white which is clever because their parts tolerance is super tight that 10 microns of paint can impact usage.

Blowfish fugu gif

explanation of Mottainai from Buddhism


If you like Muji and Jasper

This book is for you.  Designing Design by Kenya Hara

skibsted + biomega electric bicycle

Like the smooth Shimano crank.  Black one would be nice.  Since this is electric bike, it should come with ABS front and back.

Audi RS Avant

Some super power wagon but the owner decided to go vanilla and badge delete.  Love.

Porsche station wagon

Silver petrol or white hybrid.  Choices are fun.